College of Management and Computer Science Alumni Association, Yavatmal

Mr. Parimal B. Duddalwar
MBA, BCom, Diploma in Horticulture

The Alumni of College Of Management And Computer Science, Yavatmal has distinguished themselves not only at the national but also at international levels. They have spread far and wide globally and done their Alma Mater proud by excelling themselves as academicians, software engineer’s, administrators, scholars, entrepreneurs and technocrats. Several of them have reached heights of excellence in their respective field areas and are significantly contributing to the socio-economic development of the society and nation at large.

The very mention of alumni brings before us the glorious past and distinctiveness of our college – that we are old, large and contributing to the educational field. It conjures up different memories of past years, and traditions, which shaped our college. Over the years, we have made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and kept pace with the changing times and needs of new generations as well as technology.

Alumni are a part of these processes of continuity & change, and tradition & modernity. The college seeks to institutionalize these bonds between alumni and alma mater through the Association into a lifelong relationship.

College has always considered its alumni as a source of strength, support and sustenance in its endeavors of scholarship, innovation and institution building in higher education. The Alumni Association was formed in 2018 in order to fulfill the long felt need for a forum and the cherished desires of its alumni. It was duly registered as a society as per The Societies Registration Act 1860 (Reg. No. Yavatmal/0000169/2018) to activate its functioning. A committee has been constituted to provide vision, guidance and coordinated the all-round activities of the Alumni Association.

We envisage the Alumni Association as a partner in the progress of the Institute. This Association unfolds before us a series of opportunities to serve and lend our cooperation in full measure in its success and sustenance.

  • We think of Alumni Association in helping all of us stay connected to our alma mater.
  • We visualize it in facilitating the tradition of giving back
  • The Association should support the college in pursuit of excellence.
  • The Association should seek to promote networking among alumni bodies / individuals and provide services to respective members.
  • We are thinking of initiatives and strategies in fulfillment of the desired objectives. This calls for strengthening of the Association.
  • You may apply online for the membership of the association on the link given below.
  • The college is willing to extend all possible cooperation for the success of this association, which is a link between the past and the present and holds connectivity to the future.
  • We appeal to all the alumni to enroll in the Association and strengthen the bonds with our alma mater.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of the College of Management and Computer Science, Yavatmal.
  • To encourage college as contribute towards enhancement of social utility of their alma matters.
  • To Institute Scholarship, prizes, and awards and suitably recognized for outstanding work, at professional, social and community level by the alumni and the students.
  • The association will work for education and social development of the society and nation.
  • The association shall help the family members of the member of association in the event of death/accident of the member of the association.
  • To publish books, journals, magazines and other materials for promoting the objective of the association.
  • To do all such other lawful things as are conductive or incidental to the attainment of the above objective and or beneficial to the interest of the its alumni.
  • To make coordination and harmony between alumni and present students.
  • To guide the alumni for service and their future carrier.
  • To organize lecture for alumni for carrier.
  • Provide service guidance books and competitive exam books to alumni.
  • Organize program of alumni.
  • To participate in various social activity of the college.
  • In the college premises and various village, do the various social activity.
  • To provide financial help to the college.
  • Give direction to the student problems.
  • To maintain balance of environment, Plantation.
  • To organized donation camp.

Mr.Parimal B. Duddalwar
Co-ordinator, Alumni Association.
Contact : +91-9822279900 /

Alumni Committee Member:

Sr. NoNameDesignation
1Mr. Nilesh S. BhoyarPresident
2Mr. Amar S. KabraVice President
3Mr. Parimal B. DuddhalwarMember
4Mr. Husain A. BharmalTreasurer
5Miss. Pratima R. GarudiJoint Secretary
6Miss. Achal K. JajooMember
7Mrs. Anudip N. AgrawalMember
8Mr. Anand S. ChiddarwarMember
9Mr. Yogesh M. PatilSecretary

The Registered Office:

C/o. Nilesh Suresh Bhoyar
31, Prerna Nagar, Purushottam Layout,
Umarsara, Yavatmal 445001

Year wise Reports of Alumni Activities:

Sr. NoYearReport