Rules & Regulations

Ø  The Teaching shall commence as per the University calendar.

Ø  Every student is required to appear for ‘Physical Efficiency Test’ according to the University rules. The student remained absent for the test is liable to be fined.

Ø  Scholarship, EBC & other concession forms must be submitted immediately after the notice is circulated or displayed on Notice Board.

Ø  Tutorials, College Tests, Assignments, Project Assignments, Project Report (If any), Study Tours & Visits and Terminal Examinations are compulsory.

Ø  Performance of the students will be monitored throughout the year & will be reported to their parents through mentor mentee cell.

Ø  Students are advised to see the concerned information regularly on the Notice Board.

Ø  Students should daily visit the Library.

Ø  The college maintains strict discipline & expects rules to be followed by every student.

Ø  Mobile is strictly banned for college premises.