The Central Library have the basic responsibility of providing the collection resources and services to the students and faculty of CMCS – Other Institutes. In line with the mission statement of the institution in which the library organization is an integral part and as an intellectual resource of the academic community, the following are the vision, mission, and objectives of the Library.

Vision  :

As the College of Management and Computer Science moves towards its goal of achieving prominence as a leading college libraries in this part of the city, ‘It is the vision of the Library to support the institution and its stakeholder by providing seamless access to the widest possible spectrum of information resources such as digital, print and non-print materials relevant to the curricular, informational and innovative research needs of the academic community’, means to provide Right Information to the Right Users at the Right Time and in the Right Format.

Mission  :

The mission is to provide college students with the information they need to achieve their highest academic potential and help them acquire research skills necessary for lifelong learning. To support teaching faculty & administrative staff and to participate in interactive information to exchange within the wider library / educational community.

Objectives :

1. To Establish and Maintain Good Relationship with the Stakeholders in View of Creation and Delivery of Quality Information Services. ¸

2. To Identify, Select, Collect, Process, Organize, Preserve, Manage, Deliver and Provide an Access to Information Resources in Print/Non-Print/Digital Media to Support Teaching-Learning and Research. ¸

3. To Promote Quality Collection Development and Provide Various Proactive and Need Based Information Services to its clientele.