College Development Committee

Sr. No.Name Of MembersDesignation
1Mr. P. H. JajooChairperson (President HJES)
2Mr. A. P. JajooMember (Secretary HJES)
3Dr. A. K. ShingarwadeMember (IQAC Co-ordinator)
4Mr. A. B. PayghanMember (Head of Department)
5Mr. S. N. VelukarMember (Teaching Member)
6Mr. Y. M. PatilMember (Teaching Member)
7Mr. U. R. KantodeMember (Teaching Member)
8Mrs. S. R. SulkeMember (Teaching Member)
9Shri. S. S. KasatMember (Member from Industrial Field)
10Mrs. S. A. JajooMember (Member from Education Field)
11Dr. A. S. KabraMember (Member from Research Field)
12Adv. V. A. BhutadaMember (Member from Social Service Field)
13Mr. R. B. KhondMember (Non-Teaching Member)
14Mr. R. D. ChandakSecretary (Principal CMCS)