Activities By Women Development Committee:

Sr.No. Name of Event Date Report
1 Workshop on Women’s health problems 27/02/2018 Report of Workshop on Women’s health problems-converted.pdf
2 International Women’s Day 09/03/2019 Report InterNational Women’s Day 2019-converted.pdf
3 Guest lecture on Health and hygiene 15/01/2020 Report of Guest lecture on Womens’ health problems-converted.pdf
4 International Women’s Day 07/03/2020 Report InterNational Women’s Day 2020-converted.pdf
5 Webinar on Eve Teasing 01/02/2021 Report Webinar on ‘Eve Teasing’-converted-converted.pdf
6 National Women’s Day 13/02/2021 Report National Women’s Day-converted.pdf
7 International Women’s Day 08/03/2021 Report InterNational Women’s Day 2021-converted.pdf