Quiz Competition On Olympic 2021

The Olympic Games are an international sports festival that began in ancient Greece. The original Greek games were staged every fourth year for several hundred years, until they were abolished in the early Christian era. The revival of the Olympic Games took place in 1896, and since then they have been staged every fourth year, except during World War I and World War II (1916, 1940, 1944).

Perhaps the basic difference between the ancient and modern Olympics is that the former was the ancient Greeks’ way of saluting their gods, whereas the modern Games are a manner of saluting the athletic talents of citizens of all nations. The original Olympics featured competition in music, oratory, and theater performances as well. The modern Games have a more expansive athletic agenda, and for 2 and a  half weeks they are supposed to replace the rancor of international conflict with friendly competition. In recent times, however, that lofty ideal has not always been attained.

College of Management  and Computer Science Is Organizing 

 * Olympic Quiz Competition* for You. 

Those who wants to participate can read following instructions & can register their names for the same by Using following Registration Link. 

 * Instructions *

1. Candidates can participate Individual only.

2. All the participants will get Participation Certificate

3. Candidates participating for Quiz Competition Will Get Certificate only after Attending All the Rounds of Quiz:- 

1) Indian Olympic – (On dated 07/08/2021)

2) World Olympic – (On dated 08/08/2021)

4. Quiz  Will Be Conducted in Online Mode.

5. Winner & Runner up candidates will get 🏆 (trophy) from college.

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Last Date for Registration