Harikisan Jajoo Education Sanstha, Yavatmal

Sanstha Scholarship Notice

Every year Sanstha award scholarship to the eligible students. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of following categories:-

1)             CMCS Student Scholarship

2)             Economically Backward Student Scholarship

Student those who want to apply for above mention scholarship can fill the application form after confirmation of his/her admission in college. Before applying please go through the following rules and regulation for the eligibility of scholarship.


A)         Rules and Regulations For CMCS Students Scholarship

1)             This Scholarship is awarded only to students of MBA- 1st  Year

2)             His/her graduation must be from CMCS

3)             This scholarship cover only tuition fees (Scholarship will not be given for Development fees, Deposits or any other Fees)

4)             Scholarship are offered at the discretion of  Harikisan Jajoo Education Sanstha.

5)             Scholarship application must be submitted before 30 Sept. 2017


B)          Rules and Regulation for Economically Backward Students

1)             This is for CMCS students only

2)             His/her family income should be below Rs. 100000

3)             Scholarship are offered at the discretion of president

4)             Cover tuition fees only

5)             Before 30 Sept. 2017



Note:-      Application form is available at Administration office with head clerk, kindly fill the form and  submitted it along with all required document within given date. No form will be accepted after this date.


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